Online Registration – Accredit


Registration will be open until Friday June 17th; all Federations have to register their competitors, referees, coaches, officials and doctors via the web form available at:

Online registration user’s manual is available HERE


Registration fees are the following:

  • Individual competitor € 35
  • Team € 70
  • Coach € 35
  • Referee free


Fees are due on-site in euros during passport and weight check (for sanbon competitors) on 23rd and 24th, see above draft program (Arrival and registration).

Please remember that each competitor has to choose only 1 kata style (shotokan , wado ryu, shito ryu, goju ryu or shorin ryu) and 1 Kumite style (sanbon or ippon).

WKC Rules and Categories are available HERE


Online registration form will close on June 11th at 00:01 and no further entries will be possible.


For any issue or information about online registration, please send an email to .